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An advantageous alternative to the conventional ISO


ISCAR doubles the cutting edges on positive rake inserts intended for general turning applications. This economical solution for 80 degree turning provides double-sided robust and positive 4 cutting-edged inserts that easily replace the positive 2 cutting edged inserts. Their dovetail shape fits into a unique pocket design, assuring better insert positioning and stability to guarantee longer insert tool life. The holders can be ordered with or without through-tool coolant channels.

New CXMG with 4 cutting edges
4 cutting edges insert

Insert Features
  • The new double-sided CXMG inserts operate similarly to CCMT positive inserts and can therefore replace standard CCMT inserts. In some applications, they can also replace standard negative CNMG inserts.
  • Double-sided with a positive flank
  • Low cutting forces
  • Designed with a chipformer for general turning applications

Tool Features
  • Lever lock insert clamping system
  • Very effective JHP (Jet High Pressure) coolant nozzles directed to the cutting edge for increased tool life, improved chip control and high productivity
  • The positive insert flank enables a dove-tailed pocket design for very firm insert clamping

Dove Tail

Note:JHP (Jet High Pressure) tools provide advantageous performance also when conventional pressure is applied through the coolant system

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