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IC6025 (M20-M35)

ISCAR's IC6025 grade covers the ISO application range (M20-35) and is used for roughing and interrupted cuts, as well as applications at medium to low cutting speeds. The IC6025 grade is composed of a cobalt-enriched outer layer substrate, with MT TiCN and alpha Al2O3 coating. The unique SUMOTEC CVD post coating treatment was developed for machining stainless steel. IC6025 provides substantially improved tool life, excellent edge performance and repeatability when compared to our current grades and competitor grades.

SUMOTEC CVD Coating Post Treatment
  • Improved toughness
  • Improved chipping resistance
  • Smooth chip flow

Alpha Alumina (Al2O3)
  • Improved crack resistance
  • High resistance to crater wear
  • Improved chipping resistance

Intermediate Layer
  • Improved coating resistance to peeling

  • Improved flank wear resistance

  • Improved adhesion to substrate

  • High toughness


Although the coating process of the IC6025 is similar to that of IC6015, it differs with a tougher substrate, featuring a combination of high toughness and deformation resistance.

The SUMOTEC MTCVD coating adds toughness, flaking and chipping resistance and thus provides very reliable performance.

  • Turning stainless steel at moderate cutting speeds
  • Stable or unstable conditions
Cutting Speed Recommendations
ISO Material Condition Tensile Strength
Rm [N/mm2=MPa]
Hardness Material
HB         No.
PVD Coated CVD Coated
IC807 IC808 IC3028 IC6015 IC6025
M Stainless steel and cast steel Ferritic/Martens. 680 200 12 160-250 120-220 60-150 200-300 140-230
Martensitic 820 240 13 160-250 120-220 60-150 200-300 140-230
Austenitic 600 180 14 100-200 90-200 50-120 140-250 120-180
The two new grades (IC6015 and IC6025) combined with the new chipformer configuration provide a completely new standard for machining stainless steel.
IC6015 covers the high speed machining area for continuous machining of stainless steel and high temperature alloys, while IC6025 is recommended for the interrupted cut applications.

IC907 / 807 is our first choice for machining S.S.
Developing the family of the 6000 series makes it possible to achieve much better results than IC907/ 807 in machining S.S.
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