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IC6015 ISO M CVD Coated Grade is ISCAR’s New Solution for Machining Stainless Steel and High Temperature Alloys

ISCAR's grade IC6015 is a complementary SUMO TEC CVD coated grade for high speed machining of stainless steel.
ISCAR also offers grade IC6025, which covers the application range of M15-35 used for roughing and interrupted cut applications at medium to low cutting speeds.

IC6015 (M10-M20)
A cobalt enriched outer layer substrate, with MT TiCN and alpha Al2O3 coating with a special post coating treatment, provides substantially improved tool life, and excellent edge performance and repeatability.


  • Substrate
   The cobalt enriched outer layer improves the toughness on the cutting edge.
  • Coating
   The advanced SUMO TEC CVD coating provides improved flaking, toughness and chipping resistance.

The combination of the above features results in a very reliable, high performance carbide grade.


Turning stainless steel at medium-to-high cutting speeds under stable or slightly unstable conditions.

ISCAR Grades Relative Application Range for Machining Stainless Steel

Recommended cutting speed for grade IC6015 should be at least 20% higher than the speed recommendations for IC807.

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