Upgraded SWISSCUT Line

  • The same tool and insert can be used in both front and back clamping
  • 50% less inventory
  • Insert indexing without removing the screw
The new inserts feature an innovative oval-shaped hole that enables 2 important improvements. In the existing line different tools and inserts are used for back and front clamping orientations.
The new clamping design uses a special screw that can be accessed and operated from both tool sides. The screw has to be fully removed for insert indexing. As the clamping screw is small, it can easily fall and disappear inside the machine or on the floor. In the upgraded line, the insert can be indexed without the need to fully remove the screw. Therefore, there is no risk of falling parts and indexing is easier and faster.


Rake Angle (Kr°) Selection Guide

  Brass Ledloy Steel St. Steel Titanium Aluminum

For brittle workpieces and small diameters always prefer Kr=0°

Frontal width selection guide
  • Small diameter and brittle workpiece: small W (less radial force)
  • Large diameters: larger W (stronger cutting edge)

  rake angle (Kr)
frontal width (W)  

Turning Insert Selection Process