FF FW : FEEDMILL, fast feed face mills using FF WOMT... inserts. Can run at very high feed rates of up to 3.5 mm/t at small DOC, resulting in very high metal removal rates.
  DesignationD1DapZLD3DaRd°Arbor NxcmKgGICATGIREMgiic
  FF FW D40-16-06-C 40.0026.001.30435.0038.0016.002.5A2000.163103244 0
  FF FW D50-22-06-C 50.0036.001.30540.0048.0022.002.0A2000.313104752 0
  FF FW D52-22-06-C 52.0038.001.30540.0048.0022.001.9A2000.343104754 0
  FF FW D50-22-09-C 50.0029.202.00450.0047.0022.004.0A5000.343103290 0
  FF FW D52-22-09-C 52.0031.202.00440.0047.0022.004.0A5000.273103424 0
  FF FW D63-22-09-C 63.0042.202.00540.0058.0022.003.0A5000.473103425 0
  FF FW D63-27-09-C 63.0042.202.00550.0061.0027.003.0A5000.573199204 0
  FF FW D66-22-09-C 66.0045.202.00540.0061.0022.002.8A5000.553103426 0
  FF FW D66-27-09-C 66.0045.202.00550.0061.0027.002.8A5000.643103824 0
  FF FW D80-31.75-09-C   80.0059.202.00560.0076.0031.750.5A5001.183103289 Japanese standard 0
  FF FW D80-32-09-C 80.0059.202.00550.0075.0032.002.0A5000.973103427 0
  FF FW D100-31.75-09-C   100.0079.202.00663.0096.0031.752.0B5002.313190403 Japanese standard 0
  FF FW D100-32-09-C 100.0079.202.00650.0078.0032.001.5B5001.323103954 0

The CP (Coarse Pitch) tools were designed to run 2.5 mm/tooth at 2 mm DOC, while the regular pitch cutter run at 3.5 mm/tooth at 1 mm DOC.