DR-CA : Large diameter drills with cartridges. Each drill is supplied with several shim plates. By mounting these plates, the drill's diameter can be changed. For each diameter details, click on "More Info"
  DesignationD minD maxD5 LL1dL4D3GICATGIREMgiic
  DR057>062-155-50-10/11CA 57.0062.0063.00155.0201.050.0080.075.006137213 0
  DR063>066-165-50-10/11CA 63.0066.0067.00165.0215.050.0080.075.006137215 0
  DR067>073-183-50-11/12CA 67.0073.0074.00183.0240.050.0080.075.006137216 0
  DR074>080-200-50-12/14CA 74.0080.0081.00200.0250.050.0080.075.006137218 0

Hole tolerance: D±0.5 in average conditions. However, it can be higher or lower according to machine and tooling conditions.
For each drill diameter construction parts, click on "More Info".