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ISCAR has expanded the PENTACUT line by adding the ability to perform threading applications to the PENTA 24 economical inserts with five edges.

Available are partial profile 55º and 60º(MT and WT) and full profile inserts in the following thread standards: ISO, UN, Whitworth, BSPT.

  • Multi-corner, five cutting edges, which provide the most advantageous price per cutting edge.
  • A combination of very rigid clamping system and a strong insert design enables machining at very high machining parameters.
  • The inserts feature chipformers, providing short and easily exposed chips, excellent accuracy and surface quality.
  • Easy and fast edge indexing from either side of the holder.
  • In case of edge breakage, the tool will survive and other cutting corners may still be used.

NPA 36-2014 - View (PDF) or Download (ZIP)
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