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Move out of the Maze with
ISCAR's Intelligent Chip Movers


  • Applicable for high cutting forces and high rigidity
  • Large variety of thread forms and standards
  • Can be used for a variety of diameters with the same pitch
  • Can be used for both internal and external thread
  • Most inserts are double-sided
  • Suitable for asymmetric parts
  • For precision threading
  • Prevents chip jamming (which commonly happens in tapping operations)
  • Eliminates thread regrinding
  • Eliminates the removal of broken taps in holes
  • Coolant holes
  • Grade: IC908

Suitable for insert sizes 12 - 40 mm

Diameter range:
Metric: 9.5 - 100 mm
Imperial: 0.375” - 4.00”  

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