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New MILLTHREAD Advisor Simplifies Tool Selection and NC Programming

ISCAR introduces the MILLTHREAD advisor to enable simple tooling selection, with an additional feature for NC program creation for thread milling operations.

ISCAR is pleased to introduce the new MILLTHREAD Advisor. MILLTHREAD Advisor is now a part of ISCAR’S ITA (ISCAR TOOL ADVISOR) application and will enable selection of thread milling tools by simple definition of the thread details. In addition, a new CNC program generator for thread milling operations has been added. The new feature will replace the old NC programming software that was available in recent years. The old system is phased out.

  • Simple, fast and friendly tool selection for thread milling operations
  • Wide selection of tools that can be minimized for the most effective option
  • CNC programming can be created in seconds
  • By using the system, users can save valuable time in searching for the correct thread milling tools and CNC programming

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