SUMOCHAM: Head Variety

New Exchangeable Head Drills

ISCAR’s SUMOCHAM line comes with 4 standard geometries which are suitable for machining the most popular and common material groups used daily in industry.

ICP geometry is designed for machining the ISO P materials group, with an ultimate shape for high productivity and outstanding chip forming on soft steel.

HCP geometry is designed with concave cutting edges, this substantially enhances the self-centering capability of the drill, which enables using long drills (up to 12XD), without a pilot hole operation.

FCP geometry provides a nearly flat bottom in the hole, which is required in a variety of applications.

ICK geometry was designed for extremely high feed rates, while maintaining long tool life on the ISO K materials group.

ICM geometry provides ultimate performance on austenitic stainless steel and other difficult-to-machine materials from the ISO M group.

ICG geometry designed with chip splitting notches on the cutting edge and an impressed chip breaker on the rake for superior chip control on a wide range of materials.

ICN geometry comes with sharp cutting edges and polished flutes, which are suitable for machining the ISO N materials group.

For improved hole accuracy as well as higher surface finish quality, the SUMOCHAM line provides 2M (double margin) geometry. 2M concept comes on ICP and ICK heads.

- ICP-2M
- ICK-2M

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