The SUMOCHAM line provides a wide range of drill bodies, starting from
1.5 L/D drilling ratio up to 12 L/D.
SOMOCHAM line comes with 2 standard shanks.
  • One parallel flat shank (ISO 9766) is dedicated for side lock adaptation system and has the letter A in its designation.
  • Full round shank suitable for hydraulic and collet adapters and provides improved runout of the cutting edge, which is most popular for drilling operations with L/D>8 ratio. This shank has the letter R in its designation.

- DCN A-1.5D
- DCN A-3D
- DCN A-5D
- DCN A-8D

- DCN R-1.5D
- DCN R-3D
- DCN R-5D
- DCN R-8D
- DCN R-12D

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