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Machining Hard Materials is Now Easy with ISCAR's CBN Grades

Uncoated, fine grain PCBN grade. Used at medium cutting speeds, continuous or light interrupted cut on hardened steels. Provides excellent surface finish. Workpiece hardness range:
50-65 HRc.

Ti (C, N, O) coated grade, composed of medium CBN grain. High speed, continuous to light interrupted machining.

Super fine, CBN grain with a very high CBN content. Turning of ferrous sintered metals.

Uncoated, general purpose PCBN grade. Good balance between wear and impact resistance. Composed of both fine and medium CBN grain sizes. Continuous to medium interrupted cut on hardened steel.

Ti (C, N) coated grade composed of medium CBN grain. General purpose machining on hardened steel.

A very high CBN content grade, featuring high hardness. Turning of ferrous sintered metals such as valve seats and Ti alloy components.

TiN coated, PCBN grade with excellent wear resistance. Composed of very fine grain CBN. Medium to high speeds, continuous machining on hardened steel.

Key Points for Turning with CBN

New Chipbreakers for Hardened Materials

When turning hard materials, long and tangled chips are produced. The HF or HM chipformers provide excellent chip control at various depths of cut.

HF Chipbreaker   HM Chipbreaker

HF Chipbreaker - Excellent chip control at small depth of cut used for large depth of cut.
HM Chipbreaker - Used for large depth of cut

HF Chipbreaker

No Chipbreaker

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