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HFAIR/L-DG : Adapters for internal face grooving and turning, Dmin 55 mm.(-)Adapters for Internal Face Grooving and Turning(+)
Right-hand shown
Right-hand shown
  HFAIL 75C-4T30DG    04.0075.0140.030.0010.934.568.50L~4.00~2500726 0
  HFAIR 75C-4T30DG    04.0075.0140.030.0010.934.568.50R~4.00~2500725 0
  HFAIL 140C-4T30DG    04.00140.0-30.0010.934.568.50L~4.00~2500728 0
  HFAIR 140C-4T30DG    04.00140.0-30.0010.934.568.50R~4.00~2500727 0
  HFAIL 55C-5T25DG    05.0055.070.025.0011.932.066.00L~5.00~2550023 0
  HFAIR 55C-5T25DG    05.0055.070.025.0011.932.066.00R~5.00~2550021 0
  HFAIL 70C-5T25DG    05.0070.095.025.0011.932.066.00L~5.00~2550024 0
  HFAIR 70C-5T25DG    05.0070.095.025.0011.932.066.00R~5.00~2550022 0
  HFAIL 95C-5T35DG    05.0095.0130.035.0011.939.573.50L~5.00~2500730 0
  HFAIR 95C-5T35DG    05.0095.0130.035.0011.939.573.50R~5.00~2500729 0
  HFAIL 130C-5T38DG    05.00130.0180.038.0011.942.576.50L~5.00~2500732 0
  HFAIR 130C-5T38DG    05.00130.0180.038.0011.942.576.50R~5.00~2500731 0
  HFAIL 180C-5T38DG    05.00180.0-38.0011.942.576.50L~5.00~2500734 0
  HFAIR 180C-5T38DG    05.00180.0-38.0011.942.576.50R~5.00~2500733 0
  HFAIL 70C-6T28DG    06.0070.0100.028.0012.035.069.00L~6.00~2550027 0
  HFAIR 70C-6T28DG    06.0070.0100.028.0012.035.069.00R~6.00~2550025 0
  HFAIL 100C-6T32DG    06.00100.0180.032.0012.039.073.00L~6.00~2550028 0
  HFAIR 100C-6T32DG    06.00100.0180.032.0012.039.073.00R~6.00~2550026 0
  HFAIL 180C-6T38DG    06.00180.0-38.0012.442.576.50L~6.00~2500736 0
  HFAIR 180C-6T38DG    06.00180.0-38.0012.442.576.50R~6.00~2500735 0
After initial groove, no limitation to widening groove outward or toward center
DGN inserts can be used on right- and left-hand tools, GRIP inserts only on right-hand tools, HFPR/L right-hand inserts on right-hand tools (same for left-hand), and HGPL inserts only on left-hand tools.

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