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MM Adjustable Torque Keys : Adjustable torque handle and keys for secure and accurate tightening of MULTI-MASTER milling heads.(-)Adjustable Torque Handle and Keys for Secure and Accurate Tightening of MULTI-MASTER Milling Heads(+)
  Designation  GIFUT5Fig. Ts  Key  GICATGIREMgiic
  TORQUE WRENCH 5-50NM 9X12    01---3340289 0
  MM WRENCH 6-05    02T05-7.07007521 0
  MM WRENCH 8-06    02T06-10.07007522 0
  MM WRENCH 10-08    02T08-15.07007523 0
  MM WRENCH 13-10    02T10-28.07007524 0
  MM WRENCH 16-12    02T12-28.07007525 0
  MM WRENCH 20-15    02T15-40.07007526 0
  MM WRENCH 4E-05    03T05-7.07007527 0
  MM WRENCH 5E-06    03T06-10.07007528 0
  MM WRENCH 7E-08    03T08-15.07007529 0
  MM WRENCH 8E-10    03T10-28.07007530 0
  MM WRENCH 9E-12    03T12-28.07007531 0
  INSERT TOOL 3/8" 9X12mm    04---1204734 0
  BIT SOCKET T20 3/8" DRIVE    05-Torx T20-1200284 0
  BIT SOCKET T25 3/8" DRIVE    05-Torx T25-1204169 0
  BIT SOCKET T30 3/8" DRIVE    05-Torx T30-7007520 0
  BIT SOCKET T40 3/8" DRIVE    05-Torx T40-1204172 0
  BIT SOCKET T50 3/8" DRIVE    05-Torx T50-1204968 0
NOTE: Recommended clamping torque for each MULTI-MASTER connection size , click on "More Info"

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