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Radius Chamfer and Seal Groove Machining


PENTACUT is ISCAR’s most advanced multifunction tool, which not only performs precision grooving, parting, recessing and chamfering, but also can serve as a forming tool, for applications such as bearing. PENTACUT inserts can be ground to the required profile in order to suit end user requirements. Consequently, the PENTACUT can superimpose the shape of its cutting edge into the OD face of the workpiece, producing a multitude of complicated shapes and profiles.

The cost effectiveness of an insert with 5 cutting edges has long been recognized by the mass production industry. The ability of the inserts to be mounted on a variety of modular adapters, blade adapters for large overhang or mini-turrets for turn-mill machines, has tremendously increased the potential for manufacturing flexibility. The short head of the holder also provides minimum overhang and high stability, which results in prolonged tool life.

Recommended grade IC808

Radius Chamfer and Seal Groove Machining

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