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Finland Manager
Jaakko Luotonen
Director, Sales and Marketing
Finland Manager
Simo Luotone
Managing Director
Iscar has been a factor in the Finnish metal industry from the beginning of 1980’s. In 2007 Iscar doubled its efforts and established a new subsidiary on the market as a joint venture with its local agent. With the extensive local knowledge of the market and full support of the global group, Iscar Finland has been able to service its customers at a new level and help them overcome both technical challenges and those presented by the economy. Iscar Finland has regional offices all around Finland and we believe that the best experts should near the customers. At their headquarters in Espoo, they have also facilities for making special tools on demand and a test center where cases can be tested before reserving precious production time at customer site.

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Ahertajantie 6
02100 Espoo
Tel. +358-(0)9-439 1420
fax. +358-(0)9-466 328
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