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SUMOCHAM 12xD Line Expansion
NPA 03/2019


A new development step for the SUMOCHAM family - ISCAR adds a drill with exchangeable carbide cutting head for drilling depths up to 12 drill diameter

Following considerable success and a huge market demand, ISCAR is expanding the SUMOCHAM DCN drills family in 12 L/D ratio to include a Ø26-32mm diameter range.

The new drills can carry a variety of drilling heads for machining different types of materials and all kind of applications, such as: ICP, ICK, ICM, FCP and HCP.

The SUMOCHAM DCN drills feature cylindrical shanks, which enable clamping of the drill in hydraulic toolholders (most recommended) or in spring collets.

Using an HCP head eliminates the need to make a pre-hole prior to drilling the 12xD depth.
Otherwise, it is recommended to drill a pre-hole by using a DCN 1.5xD drill or a centering drill (check the user guide below).

Indexable Head Drills with Coolant Holes and a Cylindrical Shank, Drilling Depth 12xD • Prior to using the 12xD drill, it is recommended to drill a pre-hole by using a DCN 1.5xD drill or a centering drill. The HCP drilling head may eliminate the need for a pre-hole
(1) Cutting diameter minimum
• Do not mount smaller drilling heads other than the specified range of the drill body
(2) Seat size code

Standard Tools
  • When drilling stainless steel or high temperature alloys using the ICM drilling head, it is highly recommended to apply high pressure oil or 7-10% mineral or vegetable based oil emulsion.
  • For optimal performance, it is recommended to adjust runout of outer points or chisel with a maximum of 0.02 mm. Large runout will influence drill performance tool life and hole quality.
  • No setup time is needed after indexing the SUMOCHAM drill head.
  • SUMOCHAM drills can be used either on milling centers or lathe machines.
  • When using SUMOCHAM drill in stationary (lathe) applications, we recommend using the ISCAR GYRO device or eccenter sleeve to reduce misalignment. Misalignment will cause poor performance of the SUMOCHAM drill or even tool breakage.
1 Pre-hole 0.5xD deep for centering
2 Slow rotation and feed while entering to the pre-hole
3 Maintain for 2-3 seconds and activate the cooling system
4 Continue drilling at recommended cutting conditions

  • Prior to using 8xD or 12xD drills, it is recommended to drill a 0.5xD pre-hole using a short or centering drill.
    Enter the pre-hole at slow speed and feed until 2-5 mm from its bottom. Start the cooling system and increase rotation to recommended drilling speed. Hold for 2-3 seconds, then, continue at the recommended drilling feed.

PreHole Adjustment
ICP ICP PreHole ICK PreHole HCP PreHole FCP PreHole
ICK ICP PreHole ICK PreHole HCP PreHole FCP PreHole
HCP ICP PreHole ICK PreHole HCP PreHole FCP PreHole
FCP ICP PreHole ICK PreHole HCP PreHole FCP PreHole

Drilling Head Mounting Procedure
Coolant Recommendations
Up to (2xD)

Maximum Runout, Misalignment
Max 0.2 mm
Max 0.2 mm
The optional K DCN MULTI key enables clamping all currently available SUMOCHAM drilling heads in a 6-26.9 mm diameter range.
Indication of Drill Head Wear
Wear Limit
Power Restriction
(1) New drilling head
(2) Worn-out drilling head
Diameter Change
Ø > D nominal + 0.15 mm
D nominal
Ø < D nominal - 0.03 mm
Surface Finish Declines
Vibration Noise Drastically Increases
Drilling Limitations

Material Groups
• When using external coolant supply only, reduce cutting speed by 10%
• Use internal coolant supply when machining austenitic stainless steel
• When using more than 5XD drill ratio, reduce cutting parameters by 10%

Recommended Machining Conditions
█    Recommended cutting data
As a starting value, the middle of the recommended machining range should be used.
Then, according to the wear results, conditions can be changed to optimize performance.
The data refers to carbide grade IC908

The NPA03-2019's pdf file: View (PDF) or Download (ZIP)
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