NPA 18/2017


Endmills with Coolant Channels Expand the ECKI-H4R-CF CHATTERFREE Family


ISCAR is adding new endmills with coolant channels to the CHATTERFREE family for machining titanium with high removal rates..

The family of ECKI-H4R-CF endmills is expanding by adding tools that feature coolant channels with outlets directed to each cutting edge. These new endmills are available in .250, .312, .375, .500 and .625 inch diameters.

  • Unique geometry
  • 4 flute endmills with different helix, variable pitch and coolant channels
  • Best chatter free tools for high removal rates when machining titanium (up to 2xD full slotting)

The new CHATTERFREE endmills with coolant channels further improve performance, process reliability and tool life.

Following is a field test demonstrating the advantages of the new endmills.

Industry: Aerospace
Material No.: AFNOR T-A 6 V (Titanium alloy)

4 Flute Endmills with Different Helix, Chamfered Cutting Edges and Variable Pitch,
for Chatter Dampening on Titanium
(1) C-Cylindrical, W-Weldon
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