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Belgium Manager
Stefaan Deprez
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ISCAR Benelux Member IMC Group (ISCAR Metalworking Companies) is situated in Brussels since 1988 from where we serve the Belgium and Luxemburg area.

ISCAR Benelux has a dynamic and professional team of sales engineers who have worked in the industry and can bring to your company not just product knowledge but real know-how from the machine shop. These skills and experience when applied with Iscar innovation will help you to improve your production by using The New Line of ISCAR cutting tools such as SELF-GRIP, CUT-GRIP, DO-GRIP, HELIGRIP and the new CHAMELEON Line are providing superior precision metal removal, reliability and cost-time efficiencies in production facilities around the world. These innovations have made ISCAR the world leader in tools and inserts design as well as one of the biggest precision tool suppliers in the world.
Consider us unpaid employees of your company to improve your machining applications by reducing the cost of production and increasing reliability.
Not only standard ISCAR tools can be provided by ISCAR Benelux but also special products from ISCAR and from " INGERSOLL" also member of the IMC Group.

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