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Material Info



Material Group - Grey Cast Iron

Grey iron is a type of cast iron that has a graphitic microstructure.
It is thus named after the grey color of the fracture it forms, which is due to the presence of graphite.
Grey cast iron is used for housings where tensile strength is non-critical, such as internal combustion engine cylinder blocks, pump housings, valve bodies, etc. Grey cast iron's high thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity are often used to make disc brake rotors.

Advantages and Disadvantages
Grey iron is a common engineering alloy because of its relatively low cost and good machinability, which results from the graphite lubricating the cut and breaking up the chips. It also has good wear resistance because the graphite flakes self-lubricate. The graphite also gives grey iron an excellent damping capacity because it absorbs the energy. The silicon promotes good corrosion resistance.
Compared to the more modern iron alloys, grey iron has a low tensile strength and ductility.
Therefore, its impact and shock resistance are almost non-existent.
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