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NPA 50/2020

Expansion of the TRI-DEEP Series Line – GDH Heads


The TRI-DEEP tool assembly includes a front brazed connector called the GDH head.
ISCAR and UNITAC are launching the GDH head as a separate sales item. The main objective is to offer customers who are using brazed gundrills the option to replace the front carbide portion with a GDH head without replacing the whole tool.
This will promote TRI-DEEP products in local markets.
Customers can purchase GDH heads and re-braze the head.

  • Deep drills with a 3 cutting edged insert (other manufacturers only offer inserts with 1 or 2 cutting edges).
  • A highly accurate peripherally ground insert provides high hole diameter accuracy of IT10.
  • Produces narrow chips which enable efficient chip evacuation and higher feed rates compared to other drills in the market.
  • A wiper on the insert provides extra fine surface finish.
  • Direct insert mounting - no adjustment needed to achieve accurate hole diameter.
  • Mounts new economical solid carbide or brazed guide pads.

Potential Industries for Deep Drills

Gundrill Heads Carrying Triangular Inserts with 3 Chip Splitting Cutting Edges and a Wiper for High Hole Surface Quality
• Inserts and guide pads should be ordered separately (they are not included with the tools).

The NPA50 -2020's pdf file: View (PDF) or Download (ZIP)
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