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NPA 23/2021

A New Highly Advanced Parting System for Square TANG-GRIP TGAQ-ECD Adapters with Two Coolant Holes for Effective High-Pressure Coolant Flow


The new parting system features square adapters that fit onto a unique crown clamping mechanism with a single screw for fast clamping and indexing. Also features 2 effective coolant holes which output ultra-high pressure up to 340 bar.

  • Quick change and easy adapter indexing, user-friendly with a single clamping screw.
  • No set-up time after blade or pocket indexing.
  • Pinpointed efficient coolant with top & bottom outlets for up to 340 Bar significantly improves insert tool life.
  • Can also be used next to the spindle or next to a shoulder as the square adapter and tool shank align with no protrusions.
  • Economical adapters with 4 pockets for TANG GRIP 2, 3 and 4mm width inserts.
  • Suitable for all TANG-GRIP inserts including the High Feed insert, designed for higher productivity.
  • Extremely stable system improves surface quality and part straightness.
  • Several adapters can be clamped on one tool block. Requires a separate crown for each insert width (crown to be ordered separately).
  • Available for Parting up to an 82mm bar diameter.
  • The crown jaws clamp the adapter close to the insert.

CROWN assembly instructions
  1. Insert the screw into the hole of the block and turn it 3 to 4 times (the screw is available in every package).
  2. Place the crown on the screw and continue rotating the screw. Make sure the upper thread enters the crown hole and that the crown moves towards the block.
  3. Mount the adapter on the block and tighten the screw until the adapter is clamped.
  4. Make sure the screw does not project in an upward direction from the crown, it must be aligned with the crown.

Click Link to See Short Video

Ensure the clamping screw is aligned with the crown.

Tool Blocks for Square TANG-F-GRIP (TGAQ-ECD) Parting and Grooving Adapters for High-Pressure Coolant
* A separate crown for each insert width should be ordered separately

Depth of cut as function of workpiece diameter
The tool cannot be used for grooving applications when the workpiece diameter is larger than 118 mm.

Parting and Grooving Square Adapters Compatible with TANG-GRIP Inserts (Single-Ended)
* A separate crown for each insert width should be ordered separately
• Suitable for all TANG-GRIP inserts
(1) Minimum cutting width
(2) Maximum cutting width
(3) Related to insert
(4) Master insert identification

* Optional, should be ordered separately

The NPA23-2021's pdf file: View (PDF) or Download (ZIP)
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