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NPA 33/2021

Thermal Camfix C8 Shrink Chucks with Coolant Jet Channels Along the Shank Bore

Camfix C8

ISCAR expands the X-Stream product line with new CAMFIX C8 SRKIN-CX shrink chucks.

Thermal shrink chucks CAMFIX tapered shanks with coolant jet channels along the shank bore suitable for solid carbide, HSS and steel tools.
The new family offers several bore sizes from 6 to 32 mm tool diameters.

  • Increased coolant velocity is obtained due to flow-rate conservation and a smaller coolant discharge area
  • Coolant directed to cutting edges
  • Prolonged tool life
  • Eliminates chip sticking at the cutting edges
  • Suitable for high-speed milling
  • Effective chip evacuation prevents chip recutting

Applications and advantages
  • Cavities and pockets milling applications
  • Semi-finish and finishing profile milling titanium blisk blades
  • Milling applications that generate high temperatures such as very hard alloy steels, high-temperature alloys, etc.

Note: Preset CX screw allows coolant supply via jet channels - do not remove!

Thermal Shrink Chucks with CAMFIX (ISO 26623-1) Tapered Shank and Coolant Jet Channels along the Shank Bore
• Use only inductive heating device for SRKIN holders
• Preset screw CX allows supply of coolant via JET channels - do not remove
(1) Hex key size for the rear stopper screw

* Optional, should be ordered separately

The NPA33-2021's pdf file: View (PDF) or Download (ZIP)
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