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NPA 33/2020

CAMFIX MAXIN, VDI and Sleeve-Type Tool Blocks for WHISPERLINE Boring Bars


ISCAR introduces standard CAMFIX, VDI and sleeve-type tool blocks for use with WHISPERLINE boring bars

Following the market demand growth for WHISPERLINE boring bars with CAMFIX clamping, ISCAR is now offering attractive clamping solutions based on existing standard items.

WHISPERLINE boring bars can be clamped on existing CAMFIX power chucks without affecting performance.
The combination of CAMFIX power chucks with the WHISPERLINE bars is ideal for stable machining in long overhang applications.

  • The standard guideline when clamping a WHISPERLINE bar in a split sleeve is to clamp 4XD of the shank length to obtain satisfactory results
  • Extremely high gripping force of the CAMFIX power chuck ensures good performance also with 2.5XD clamping
  • Due to hole depth limitations in some of the standard CAMFIX holders, the WHISPERLINE bar might have an overhang of over 10XD. In such cases, we firstly recommend trying to work as is with the existing overhang. In cases where performance is unsatisfactory, shorten the bar to be within the 10XD limit

CAMFIX MAXIN Collets for MAXIN Power Chucks
Ø16 Ø20 Ø25 Ø32
C5 MAXIN 20x100 SC 20 SPR 16 Direct X X
C6 MAXIN 32x115 SC 32 SPR 16 SC 32 SPR 20 SC 32 SPR 25 Direct
C8 MAXIN 32x115 SC 32 SPR 16 SC 32 SPR 20 SC 32 SPR 25 Direct

WHISPERLINE boring bars can also be clamped on new VDI holders while fully maintaining their performance.
Below is a table showing the available combinations:
VDI Bore Diameter
Ø16 Ø20 Ø25 Ø32 Ø40 Ø50 Ø60

Description Key:

VDI-Size definition
D-Boring bar diameter

Sleeve-Type Blocks for DMG Machines
ISCAR offers also tool blocks with reduction sleeves (bushings). The blocks are made for the following machine types:

T-Slot 25 mm for DMG MORI CTX450ECO & CTX510ECO with VDI40

T-Slot 32 mm for DMG MORI CTX620, CTX650ECO & BETA2000 with VDI50

Description Key:

32-T-Slot size
50-Boring diameter

Reduction Sleeves (bushings) for Tool Blocks and VDI Holders
The reduction sleeves (bushings) are made for tool blocks as well as for the VDI tools.
It is critical to clamp WHISPERLINE boring bars in split sleeves in order to ensure effective chatter reduction.

Description Key:

Reduction bushing
32-Outer diameter of the bushing
25-Internal diameter of the bushing

Why WHISPERLINE boring bars should be fully clamped
The WHISPERLINE boring bars are built with an auxiliary mass damper immersed in absorbent oil.

To make sure the boring bar works, it must be induced by vibrations, which means that vibrations need to be transferred to the boring bar itself. This is possible only with very rigid clamping on the machine side and the clamping device.
A single point screw provides partial clamping efficiency which cannot ensure that the vibration energy is fully transferred to the boring bar.

Clamping of WHISPERLINE anti-vibration boring bar

Clamping length

MAXIN Power Chucks with CAMFIX (ISO 26623-1 standard) Exchangeable Shanks
  • Can be used for carbide and HSS tools
  • The adjustment screw has an internal coolant hole
  • Use of DCONWS diameter tools provides best performance, as collets reduce the gripping force.
(1) Minimum diameter by using a reduction collet
(2) Maximum diameter by using a reduction collet
(3) Max. diameter without a collet

* Optional, should be ordered separately

VDI Holders For Anti-Vibration Tools

BLKT Sleeve Type Blocks for DMG Machines

Reduction Sleeves for Tool Blocks and VDI Holders

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