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NPA 35/2020

Deep Hole Drilling Heads with Upgraded Features


ISCAR-UNITAC is introducing upgraded features for the FINEBEAM family of deep hole drills

The FINEBEAM line’s upgraded features include:
  • Tool improvement
  • Expansion of the diameter range
  • Expanded variety of inserts
  • Updated insert description

Tool improvement features (compared with the former drilling heads version)
  • Guide pad protector: to prevent pad breakage during retraction
  • Tighter tolerance of the pilot thread: to increase the contact between the head and the tube, and help avoid separation of the head during retraction
  • Higher hardness and screw length: to increase and stabilize the clamping feature

  1. Steel bump added on the body behind each guide pad
  • Prevents guide pad breakage while retracting through hole/cross-hole
    2. Updated pilot tolerance
    • Prevents the body pull-out while machine stops
    3. High grade screw
    • Tougher and longer screw to increase clamping reliability

    Expansion of FINEBEAM – Ø65.01-83.00 mm range

    Based on market demand and success of our existing range (Ø25.00 - 65.00), ISCAR-UNITAC is expanding the FINEBEAM range from Ø65.01 to 83.00 mm for deep hole drilling operation, with existing inserts and spare parts.

    Advantages of 5 direct mounting inserts compared to existing solutions in this diameter range:
    • Smaller chips – to ensure good chip control and chip evacuation
    • Lower machine consumption
    • No cartridges – lower tool cost
    • Stable and simple insert mounting

    Spare parts list


    Tool DiaInsertGuide PadWrench
    X 5PCS
    X 2PCS
    X 2PCS
    65.0171.00NPMT09….L-**-CNPMT08….R-**-INPMT08….R-**-INPMT06….R-**-INPHT11….R-**-PSR 14-560-HGGPS12SR 14-571/ST-8/5T-15/5

    New HF (high feed) chip breaker
    BTA drill series has expanded the variety of inserts available with a new HF chipbreaker insert in IC806 and IC908 grades and new radius size of 0.8mm.

    The new radius size also applies for “G” type chip breaker.
    The expansion should significantly improve FINEBEAM performance, which should increase the feed by 20% in average in machining gummy materials, stainless steel and heat-resistant alloys, known as problematic materials in terms of chip formation.

    The HF chip breaker helps to stabilize the drilling process while using high feed, especially in difficult to machine materials such as ISO-M, ISO-S and ISO-H materials.

    Chipbreaker comparison
    HF - Provides drilling stability at high feed rates
    G chipbreaker
    HF chipbreaker
    Chipbreaker cross-section

    New IC806 grade
    To prolong tool life in ISO M and ISO S materials
    Post Surface Treatment Technology
    • Minimizes built-up edge
    Excellent hardness and nano-multi-layered coating with high Al content
    • Hard coating
      Excellent wear resistance thanks to the 20% harder coating
    High wear resistant carbide substrate
    • High Al content
      Minimized built-up edge
    • Nano-multi-layered coating
      Great fracture resistance by preventing micro chipping on the cutting edge

    New Description:
    In addition to the previous expansions, we have updated the inserts’ description- the new description will include the radius size and insert position.
    Insert type:
    M – pressed (central & intermediate)
    H – grounded (peripheral)
    Insert Size
    Corner Radius Size
    L - Left
    R – Right
    Chip Breaker type:
    G - General
    HF – High feed
    Insert position:
    P - peripheral
    I - Intermediate
    C - center

    Application Range
    The main industries that use deep drills:
    • Automotive and heavy machinery - Diesel engines - Truck bodies - Ship propeller shafts
    • Nuclear power plants
    • Heat exchangers
    • Hydraulics
    • Aerospace
      - Landing gear
      - Gas turbines (axles)
    • Defense
      - Barrels
    • Dies & molds
      - Coolant holes
    • Steel
      - Billets
    • Machine builders
      - Machine spindles
    • Oil fields
    • Mining and agricultural equipment

    Peripheral Precision Inserts for Drilling Heads DSD-EF-FB / DDD-EF-FB / DSD-IF-FB

    First priority

    Internal & Central Inserts for Drilling Heads DSD-EF-FB / DDD-EF-FB

    First priority

    Deep Drilling Solid Carbide Guide Pads
    *DC- Double Chamfer

    Grade Recommendation
     Oil CoolantWater Based Coolant

    The NPA35-2020's pdf file: View (PDF) or Download (ZIP)
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