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    NPA 01/2019


    New Solid Ceramic Endmills for Machining Nickel-Based Superalloys

    New solid ceramic endmills for efficient machining of superalloys, cast iron and graphite.

    Following the steady increase in the processing of nickel-based high temperature superalloys (HTSA), such as various grades of Inconel, Incoloy, Haynes etc. in the aerospace industry, and the demand to decrease production costs (CPU), ISCAR is introducing newsolid ceramic endmills The new endmills can also be successfully applied to productive roughing of cast iron and graphite.
    The new tools enable increasing the cutting speed by up to 50 times when compared to carbide tools, thereby drastically saving machining hours and reducing production costs.

    • There are 2 configurations:
        E3 - with 3 flutes for shouldering applications
        E7 - with 7 flutes, feed mill style for rough applications
    • The endmills are produced from two ceramic grades:  IS6, designed specifically for machining HTSA  IS35, intended for cutting mainly cast iron and graphite
    • Reduction in process times on nickel-based superalloys such as Inconel, as well as cast iron and graphite
    • Available in 6 to 20 mm diameters
    • Relieved neck diameter behind the effective cutting edge for machining next to shoulders
    • Recommended cutting speed up to 1000 m/min
    • Average tool life on superalloys is 15-25 minutes

    Note: The current sintering process produces tools with a slight color difference.
    The color difference has no influence on tool performance whatsoever.
    7 flute cutters
    3 flute cutters

    User Guide
    • Ceramic tools behave differently than carbide tools. In most cases, the end of a tool life is determined by the acceptable level of burrs and not by wear size
    • Only air coolant should be used
    • Use with the same types of toolholders as carbide EMs (shrink,collet etc )

    EC-E3/E7-CE (ceramic)
    3 and 7 Flute Solid Ceramic Endmills with Relieved Necks for Machining Superalloys, Cast Iron and Graphite • Recommended cutting speed on high temperature nickel-based superalloys: 250-1000 m/min
    • Maximum width of cut for the 3 flute cutters is 0.1xDC
    • Maximum width of cut for the 7 flute cutters is DC
    (1) Programming radius
    (2) Number of flutes
    (3) Maximum ramping angle

    P M K N (K) S (M) H (P/K)
        + + +  
    + recommended

    TEST REPORT - Rough Profiling
    Part name: Mixer
    Operation: Profile mill
    Material: Inconel 718
    Machine: DMG 80eVo HMC
    Target: Productivity improvement

      Competitor ISCAR Current Grade
    Tool STR540-0.500-D3-R090.0-Z5 EC-E7 12-02C12R1.5N83CE
    Grade ALCRN IS6
    Diameter (mm) 12.7 12
    Cutting speed (m/min) 33 610
    Rotating speed (rpm) 827 16,189
    Feed per tooth (mm/t) 0.03 0.03
    Depth of cut (mm) 1 0.5
    Table feed (mm/min) 128 3,454
    Parts per tool 1 3
    Cutting time (Hrs) 14.3 1.1
    Machince cost per part (USD) 139.6 14.3
      Carbide Endmill
    - Low cutting speed
    - Only 5 Flutes
    - Short tool life
    CERAMIC Endmill
    High productivity – 7 Flutes
    Economical solution (CPU)
    Extremely fast
    High repeatability
    Cycle time reduced by 92% saving 305 hours / batch (500 pcs.)

    TEST REPORT - Rough milling
    Part name: Engine part
    Material: Inconel 718 (AMS 5663)
    Machine: DAHLIH 1020 BA
    Target: Process improvement

      Competitor ISCAR Current Grade
    Holder Collet Holder Hydraulic Holder
    Spindle Taper BT40 BT40
    Tool Diameter (mm) 25 12 (Ceramic master)
    Insert/Tool JDMT 09T302 VP15TF EC-E7 12-02C12R1.5N83CE
    Grade VP15TF IS6
    Z (Flutes) 2 7
    Vc(m/min)/ RPM 62/800 301/8000
    DOC (mm) 0.3 0.3
    Feed per tooth (mm/t) 0.25 0.03
    Table feed (mm/min) 400 1680
    WOC (ae) 12mm (0.5D) 8mm (0.7d)
    MRR (cm³/min) 1.44 4.03
    Spindle Load   9%
    Cycle time 28 Minutes 15 Minutes
    Coolant Wet Dry (Air for chip evacuation)
      Carbide Insert
    - Low cutting speed
    - Short tool life
    - Only 2 Flutes
    - Insert for High Feed Cutting
    CERAMIC Endmill
    High productivity – 7 Flutes
    Economical solution (CPU)
    Extremely fast repeatable feed
    High repeatability
    Cycle time reduced by 47% saving 33 hours / batch (150 pcs.)

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