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HELITANG T490 Heavy Duty Face Mill Line

The T490 FLN-22ST 90° face milling tools were designed mainly for machining of large-size parts in heavy cutting conditions, especially in cases when the configuration of a machined workpiece or workholding constraints require milling near to shoulders.

The tools carry tangentially clamped inserts T490 LNHT 22… with 4 helical cutting edges that are mounted in the pockets with seats protecting the tool body even in case of insert breakage. The major application of these durable tools is heavy duty milling steel, stainless steel and cast iron with depth of cut up to 21 mm.

Tool Features
  • 90° cutting edge angle
  • Insert pockets with seats
  • Dovetail profile for insert pocket to ensure rigid and reliable insert clamping

Insert Features
  • Double-sided tangentially clamped inserts with 4 cutting edges
  • Advanced rake face cutting geometry resulting in positive rake angles when inserts are mounted in a cutter
  • Utility and precision insert types

Operation capability:

Diameter range:
  • 125-200 mm

Insert size: 22 mm

The majority of the inserts are made from ISCAR’s latest SUMOTEC carbide grades to ensure high productivity.
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