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Flat Top Blades with 4 Pockets Shank Tools with 2 Pockets

ISCAR has upgraded the 3 mm and 4 mm TGSU blades and integral shank tools, by doubling their number of insert pockets.

The new blades feature the same general dimensions as the current, with the addition of two extra pockets. The new tools offer an additional pocket. This provides the advantage of half the price per pocket when compared with the current tools and blades.

Economic advantages of the TGSU 4-pocket blades and 2-pocket tools include:
  • High rigidity - capable of bearing heavy tooth load (high feed)
  • No chip obstruction under any possible machining conditions
  • Free chip flow provides excellent surface finish
  • Excellent surface straightness due to high blade rigidity
  • Can be used for deep grooving and parting applications (the 35 mm high blades are 30 mm longer than any other standard blade)
  • Unique design
  • Most economical price per pocket

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