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CAMFIX Female Modular System with Various Shank Options

ISCAR offers integral adapters with CAMFIX female connection (ISO 26623-2 standard) on one side and the following shank types on the other side: HSK, DIN69871, BT and CATERPILLAR, as well as a range of male-female CAMFIX extensions and reducers.

The CAMFIX female connection adapters enable the use of CAMFIX modular systems on machine tools with different spindle connections to achieve the maximum rigidity and stiffness provided by the CAMFIX (ISO 26623-1/2 standard) coupling.

The CAMFIX system features high accuracy, excellent rigidity against bending forces, stability and high torque transfer. This is achieved due to the polygonal cone and face contact.

The adapters enable assembling long reach tools with the most strong and stable connection.

The combination of CAMFIX holders and extensions with the MB modular boring system connection extends options for deep boring applications.
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