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The growing demand for high accuracy and increased flexibility in clamping orientation inspired ISCAR to develop an advanced new range of PICCO insert holders. The innovative PICCOACE series features a unique patented clamping system that sets new standards in three highly important areas - accuracy, rigidity and flexibility of clamping orientation.

PICCOACE’s fast action and very secure clamping system increases machining efficiency by saving time when replacing an insert; it ensures rapid indexing and guarantees extremely high clamping repeatability of 0.005 mm.

The wide variety of Swiss-type machines currently available has increased the demand for multi-orientated clamping. Most of the existing available tools provide a single clamping orientation. In contrast, ISCAR’s PICCOACE offers a high-quality, universal solution that is suitable for all Swiss-type machines, enabling operators to install and remove an insert from any desired direction.

For more information about PICCOFACE for face grooving applications, please click here.

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