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Drill Heads
CHAMDRILLJET features four different, standard drill head geometries designed specifically for optimal performance and maximum reliability when used on various materials.

  • IDP – For use on carbon and alloy steel (ISO P). The drill head has a honed cutting edge.
  • IDM – For use on stainless steel and high temperature alloys (ISO M). The drill head features a T-land on the cutting edge.
  • IDK – For use on cast iron (ISO K). The drill head is designed with a honed cutting edge and two peripheral chamfers.
  • IDN – For use on aluminum (ISO N). The drill head is manufactured with a sharp cutting edge and polished flutes.
  • IDN (for aluminum) is made in ISCAR’s uncoated submicron grade IC08. All other geometries are made in grade IC908 with a TiAlN PVD coating. IC908 is our most advanced grade for excellent performance in a variety of drilling applications.

All CHAMDRILLJET drill heads have a 30° positive cutting rake and two coolant holes for the most efficient flushing of the cutting edge. The geometries of the heads were designed according to the material to be cut, to provide optimal chip evacuation, drilling head life, surface finish and reliability.

CHAMDRILLJET drill heads cover the diameter range of 8 to 25.9 mm. IDP, IDM and IDN drill head geometries are available in 0.1mm drill diameter increments. IDK drill head geometry is currently available in whole and mid-sizes. Other intermediate dimensions will be added according to market demand.

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