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Holder variety-DR-BIG

New Large Diameter DR-TWIST Drills
ISCAR's new family of 61 to 80 mm large diameter drills expands the existing 14 to 60 mm range.
This family features a drill body with a 50 mm Weldon shank that carries cartridges with square inserts (4 cutting edges) in 10, 11 and 12 mm sizes. The inserts are available with two chipformer types and in the following grades: IC808/908 for low alloy steel, stainless steel and high temperature alloys. IC8080 which is recommended for high speed drilling of cast iron and steel, should be used for the peripheral insert.

  • Each drill is supplied with a set of shim plates used to change the drill’s diameter.
  • The new PVD IC808 and CVD IC8080 carbide grades which are used on external inserts, provide a smooth cut and a very competitive prolonged edge life when compared with any throwaway drilling insert.
  • The IC08 submicron substrate provides increased hardness and toughness, for both external and internal inserts.
  • The new DR-TWIST drills are available in whole metric sizes.
  • Can be used for intermediate hole sizes on lathes by offsetting the machine’s X-axis to obtain the desired hole diameter.
  • Can be used as boring tools to enlarge existing holes.
  • The same insert may be used for both internal and external drill pockets, which reduces inventory.

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