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Deep Drills for Milling Centers and Lathe Machines

ISCAR has introduced long drills for a drilling depth-to-diameter ratio of 7XD and up, for use on standard horizontal milling centers, turning, and multi-task machines. Use of supplementary machinery and setup can be avoided.
The new drills are available as semi-standard items in the diameter range of 25.4 to 69.5 mm (1.00 - 2.73”).

Drill Features
  • High feed drilling: up to 0.35 mm/rev for high productivity
  • Excellent surface quality: Ra = 0.6 – 2.0 [μm]
  • Good hole cylindricity: 50-80 [μm]
  • Hole tolerance: IT10
  • Large drilling depth: L=5xD and higher – up to 800 mm
  • Carries standard SOMX/SOMT indexable inserts with 4 cutting edges
  • No dedicated machine or extra setup needed
  • Standard coolant pressure as used in general drilling
  • Standard indexable, double ended guiding pads
  • Used for steel (ISO P) and cast iron (ISO K) materials

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