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ISCAR Grades

ISCAR Grade IC908

An Economical Approach that Reduces Threading Costs to a Minimum

ISCAR grade IC908 is a tough submicron PVD TiAlN coated grade. It is suitable for threading at low-to-medium cutting speeds.
This grade has been designed for machining of heat-resistant alloys, austenitic stainless steel, hard alloys and carbon steels. It also performs well with interrupted cuts and under unfavorable machining conditions.

ISCAR Grade IC806

ISCAR has developed external and internal laydown threading inserts for the aerospace industry, featuring the UNJ Profile thread standard in Grade IC806 for machining high-temperature alloys such as Inconel 718.
• Improves toughness
• Improves flaking and chipping resistance
• Provides very reliable and repeatable results
• A sub-micron grade with superior wear resistant properties and advanced SUMO TECH PVD TiAlN coating
• Effectively machines Inconel and austenitic stainless steel
• Exhibits better results, improved tool life and higher reliability compared to competitors and other ISCAR grades

NPA 13-2017: View (PDF) or Download (ZIP)

ISCAR Grade IC1007

ISCAR offers external and internal laydown threading inserts made from IC1007 PVD coated grade for machining alloys and stainless steel.
IC1007 Grade is a hard submicron grain-size substrate featuring very high deformation resistance with PVD coating and special post-coating treatment. This provides improved flaking and chipping resistance, a combination which offers very reliable results.

Polished Surface
• Prevents built-up edge
• Improved chip flow

• Improved flank wear resistance
• High temperature resistance
• Improved adhesion to substrate

• High hardness and toughness
• High plastic deformation resistance

NPA 51-2016 - View (PDF) or Download (ZIP)

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