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Heavy Duty Grooving System

New line for deep heavy grooving with a unique frontal locking mechanism.

  • Very rigid dovetail clamping
  • User-friendly locking mechanism with frontal access, just a half-turn to clamp / unclamp the insert
  • No need to fully extract the screw (means no falling parts)
  • Unobstructed chip flow - no upper jaw or screw cavity
  • Wide variety of standard sizes in the range of 10 to 20 mm
  • The new blades carry a cartridge system that provides additional security for the blades

New Tiger Line for Heavy Duty Deep Grooving
  • Cartridge system – An economic solution for blades and special tools.
  • The design ensures that in case of a crash only the cartridge will be damaged

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For more information click here

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