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ISCAR is introducing the PENTAIQGRIP line for parting and grooving operations with a 5-edged insert for much deeper grooving and parting applications, compared with currently available pentagonal inserts.

PENTAIQGRIP has an innovative dovetail clamping structure that ensures a face contact of the insert, which means that the insert is very rigid in the pocket and therefore capable of recessing and holding side forces.
All these characteristics ensure excellent straightness and surface finish for parting applications.
A new user-friendly clamping mechanism enables easy and quick cutting edge and insert indexing. Three insert sizes are available for parting 22, 32 and 40 mm diameters.

Available now also with JHP coolant for better tool life ,chip control and surface finish.

PENTAIQGRIP is a powerful insert with 5 edges for accurate parting and grooving operations.

For more information about the PENTACUT IQ GRIP tools, click here.

For more information about the PENTACUT IQ GRIP inserts, click here.
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