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For Turn-Mill Machines

As a result of the increasing popularity of Turn-Mill machining centers, ISCAR has decided to expand the range of exchangeable head tools.
ISCAR has developed a range of HSK A63 WH toolholders and tool adapters for Turn-Mill machines. These holders comply with a new HSK standard interface, recently introduced under the ICTM standard - Interface Committee for Turn-Mill and Mill-Turn machines.
The ICTM standard’s objective is to improve the angular positioning accuracy of the turning tools by tightening the tolerances between the spindle drive key and the holder key slot. The designation for the new standard for turning tools is HSK A63 WH….
The advantage of adopting the new HSK A63 WH standard is the ability to use the rotating toolholders from the conventional CNC machining centers on the multifunction Turn-Mill macines as well. Therefore, performing groove-turn, grooving, parting, facing and ISO standard applications can now be done using a wide range of MODULAR-GRIP systems, such as the CUT-GRIP, HELIFACE, PENTACUT, HELI-GRIP, DO-GRIP and SELF-GRIP lines that comply with the new ICTM standard. The same applies to blade holding blocks for parting, grooving and turning applications.
These new tools can be clamped on the modified HSK toolholders aligned in a position of 45°, 90° or neutral angles, enabling easy accessibility and preventing contact with the tailstock or chuck.
These holders also present better stability and rigidity during the machining process, despite the long spindle nose. Additionally, machine tool users will find the impresive range of combination tools very useful for their practical applications.
Combination tools, comprising more than one operative tool, will ultimately reduce the overall machining time and eliminate the changeover time between the attached tools. This practical feature becomes very valuable when considering the limited number of positions in the magazine. Moreover, new adapters were developed in numerous forms with the ICTM standard. These adapters are designed for holding various types of ISO square toolholders in a form of single, double or triple tool posts, for external turning applications in the range of 20-25 mm shank sizes. This option uses a specially designed mini-turret that can hold up to three ISO square shank tools at a time. Each tool can be engaged with the workpiece by rotating the turret between its three positions. The benefits of using this mini-turret feature are primarily for quick tool changing, as well as for occupying just one position in the magazine. In practical terms, the mini-turret can hold turning, grooving and parting tools all at the same time, and can use them in the same order without excessive turret movement, resulting in significant time savings. For internal boring operations ISCAR offers boring bar holders with standard diameter sleeves.

Another useful option that ISCAR offers is the unique ITSBORE, a modular boring system which also performs fine boring operations with high accuracy and easy accessibility, using a wide range of diameters. Furthermore, a large selection of newly developed ISCAR milling tools are also available for multifunction turn-mill machining centers. These ISCAR milling cutters include the MULTI-MASTER, HELIMILL and the full line of solid carbide endmills. ISCAR offers standard tools for the three most popular clamping systems used on those machines: HSK A63WH, COROMANT CAPTO(1) 6 and KM63(2) XMZ… (for Mazak integrex machine, can be used on regular adaptation as well).

(1) The trademark COROMANT CAPTO is owned by Sandvik Intellectual Property AB.
(2) Made from KM blanks, KM® is a registered trademark of Kennametal
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