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Tangential Geometry for Incredible Feed Rates and Increased Tool Life for

Fast Metal Removal (FMR) is essential especially in roughing applications where high removal rates are desired.
The HELITURN holder with its tangentially clamped insert and the unique helical shaped cutting edges provide an exceptional solution, enabling the use of very large depths of cut and high feeds.
The HELITURN SLANR/L-…TANG toolholder uses a unique tangentially clamped insert, LNMX 2210..R/L-HT. The double-sided insert, with its narrow curved rake face, is clamped into the toolholder on a corresponding seat using a conical head screw.
This design protects the toolholder from overload and insert damage.
The upper rake face of the insert is mounted at the same level as the holder body, thereby enabling the chips to flow without being disturbed by the tool body or any other element.
Depth of Cut up to 15 mm!
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