High Table Feeds

    ISCAR's SUMOGUN line has been developed for deep drilling applications of a diameter range of 12 to 25 mm (total length of 1000 mm).

    SUMOGUN enables replacement of the drilling head inside the machine – there is no need to remove the drill for head indexing.
    A polyamide plastic key is available for clamping and removing the SUMOGUN head.
    The SUMOGUN features two straight flutes carrying the standard SUMOCHAM drilling heads.

    The SUMOCHAM drilling heads are fully effective, which enables drilling at much higher table feed rates, when compared to most other gundrills available in the market.

    The SUMOGUN provides the end user the ability to clamp different head geometries according to the material and application.

    Drill Pocket
    The drill features an innovative unique pocket which can undergo at least 25 head replacements. The connection between the pocket and tube is done by a new welding process for high torque resistance.

    • 2 to 5 times higher table feed than standard brazed gundrills
    • Double flute
    • Full effective
    • No setup time
    • Various geometries available
    • Coated carbide grades
    • Excellent straightness and concentricity
    • Maintains high hole precision and center alignment
    • Surface roughness of 0.4-2.0 Ra is easily obtained
    • The drilling head can be replaced at least 25 times
    • All drill bodies feature straight coolant holes
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