BLP – A Family of Indexable Center Cutting 240º Ball Nose Milling Cutters with Three Effective Flutes

The lollipop-shaped ball nose cutters feature 240° spherical cutting edges and are available in the following tool configurations:
  • BLP Endmills – Endmills in the diameter range of 16 to 50 mm
  • BLP-M - Milling heads in the diameter range of 16 to 40 mm with FLEXFIT adaptation
  • BLP-Shell Mills - Arbor-type cutter in 50 mm diameter

The BLP- shell mill was designed to be mounted on face mill adapters with a 22 mm adaptation. A special screw, SR M10X20-10600, is supplied with the cutter.
This screw was designed to be used instead of the standard cutter’s frontal clamping screw. It serves as a retaining knob which pushes the cutter onto the adapter face by means of a screw situated on the cutter’s upper periphery.

  • All three cutter teeth are fully effective
  • 240° spherical cutting edge with chip-splitting action
  • Center cutting
  • Internal coolant holes directed to each cutting edge

  • High feed provides very high productivity
  • Reduced cutting forces lead to better stability and lower power consumption
  • Wide application range of profile milling operations on various materials
  • HARD TOUCH coated for improved durability and wear resistance

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