Twisted Shape Insert for High Feed Milling

A uniquely shaped ISCAR milling insert with 4 cutting edges for high feed endmills, intended for general milling applications. The twisted shape of the insert provides a highly positive rake angle for a smooth and easy cut. The insert is an optimal solution for pocket milling applications as it has ramp down capabilities and efficient chip evacuation. The mounting of the inserts on the cutter provides a large tool core which ensures stability and cutter rigidity.

FFX4…-04 tools are available in the following configurations:
FFX4 ED - endmills in 12,16 ,20 ,25 and 32 mm diameters, cylindrical and Weldon shank types
FFX4 ED-MM - 16 mm diameter interchangeable milling head with MULTI-MASTER adaptation
FFX4 ED-M - interchangeable milling heads with FLEXFIT adaptation in 20, 25. 32 and 35 mm diameters
FFX4 FD - face mills in 32 and 40 mm diameter.

Tool Features
  • 17˚ cutting edge angle
  • Ramping down capability
  • Positive axial rake angle
  • Fine pitch due to narrow insert width
  • Very firm insert clamping
  • Coolant holes, directed to each individual cutting edge, for an efficient cooling effect
  • Polish coating on the cutter’s body providing better chip flow and protection from corrosion and wear
  • 1.8 mm radius for programming

FFX4 XNMU 040310… Insert Features
  • Double-sided insert with 4 cutting edges
  • 0.8 mm maximum depth of cut
  • High positive rake angle for easy cut
  • Available with two types of cutting geometries for optimal machining of different materials:
    T - for steel, ferritic and martensitic stainless steel and hardened steel
    HP - for austenitic stainless steel and high temperature alloys
  • Produced from ISCAR’s latest SUMOTEC carbide grades to ensure high productivity
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