The MINI-TANGSLOT product line is a range of high-efficiency slot milling cutters with tangentially clamped inserts with 4 cutting edges and a unique insert geometry, which enables very narrow slot widths.

The inserts, in a range of 3 to 8 mm widths, have a chipformer that reduces the cutting forces and chattering and provides high surface quality and long tool life.

  • Tools in a width range of 3 to 8 mm
  • Tangentially clamped
  • LNET 08… inserts with 4 edges
  • ETS type cutters with internal coolant holes
  • Cutters with a shell mill and flange configuration
  • Very rigid clamping option
  • T-SLOT cutters with a FLEXFIT threaded and MULTI-MASTER connection, for use with various FLEXFIT and MULTI-MASTER standard shanks
  • High surface quality

Operation capability

Diameter range:
Metric: 32-63 mm
Imperial: 1.25-2.50"

Metric: 63-125 mm
Imperial: 2.50-5.00"

Metric: 63-100 mm

Insert size: 8 mm

Insert geometry:
LNET 08..-TN-N

  • IC928
  • IC910

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