Tools for Productive and Economical Face Milling


    These new mills are intended for machining mainly steel and cast iron components at high metal removal rate, and offer a versatile and cost-effective tool for productive milling in various cutting conditions. The face mills can carry either the S845 SN... 18… square, double-sided insert with 8 cutting edges or the ON... 07… octagonal, double-sided insert with 16 cutting edges in the same pocket.

    S845 SN... 18 ….Insert Features
    • Square double-sided insert
    • 8 helical right hand cutting edges for machining up to 8 mm (0.315") D.O.C.
    • Strong and durable construction, positive rake face, resulting in low power consumption and smooth cutting

    ON... 07… Insert Features
    • Octagonal double-sided insert
    • 16 cutting edges for machining up to 5 mm (0.196") D.O.C.
    • High durability
    • A wide wiper for high surface finish
    • Most economical price per cutting edge

    SOF45…R18 Milling Cutter Features
    • Versatile face mills that can carry inserts with 8 cutting edges up to 8 mm D.O.C. or inserts with 16 cutting edges up to 5 mm D.O.C.
    • Advanced cutting geometry that reduces cutting forces and power consumption, resulting in smooth cutting
    • Well-secured inserts by means of angled screws
    • Coarse and fine pitch configurations of the tools
    • Coolant holes (in up to 125 mm cutters), directed to each cutting edge, for an efficient cooling effect
    • Highly economical solution regarding price per cutting edge
    • Excellent performance under various machining conditions and interrupted cutting
    • Productivity: high metal removal rate
    • High process reliability

    Diameter range:
    • Metric: 50-315 mm
    • Imperial: 2.0-8.0"

    Insert size: 18 mm

    • IC808
    • IC830
    • IC810
    • IC5100
    • IC330
    • IC845

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