Thermal Shrink

    Thermal Shrink Chucks with Tapered Shanks and Coolant Jet Channels Along the Shank Bore

    Thermal Shrink
    The new X-STREAM provides a perfect solution for solid carbide endmills. It can be installed on a machining center with through-coolant spindle options, and the X-STREAM thermal shrink chucks deliver jet coolant that wraps the tool to obtain the same result as through tool coolant.
    ISCAR introduces new HSK, BT DIN69871 and CAMFIX tapered shanks with SRKIN-CX chucks; each type offers several protruding lengths for 6 to 32 mm tool diameters.

    Increased coolant velocity is obtained due to flow-rate conservation and a smaller coolant discharge area
    Coolant directed to cutting edges
    Prolonged tool life
    Eliminates chip sticking at the cutting edges
    Suitable for High Speed Milling
    Effective chip evacuation prevents chip re-cutting

    Applications and Advantages
    • CNC milling machines with poor external coolant flow
    • Cavities and pockets milling applications
    • Semi-finishing and finishing profile milling titanium blisk blades
    • Milling applications that generate high temperatures, such as very hard alloy steels, high temperature alloys etc.

    The new holders provide a winning performance when compared to other thermal shrink chucks available in the market.

    Note: Preset CX screw allows coolant supply via jet channels - do not remove!

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