New Line of PICCO Inserts and Holders with Improved Coolant Supply

  • New line of PICCO inserts for internal machining applications featuring coolant through system
  • New PICCO holders with improved cooling supply
  • New PICCO ACE holders with improved cooling supply and superb clamping rigidity

Following the ongoing evolution of the miniature market and demand for improved performance, ISCAR is launching a new PICCO line featuring excellent coolant supply. The new line consists of popular geometries of inserts and holders for a wide range of internal machining applications.

  • Inserts in existing geometries for turning, grooving, threading, chamfering, profiling and face grooving applications
  • Coolant through supply close to the cutting edge for improved tool life and chip control
  • All inserts are available in grade IC908
  • Inserts with popular geometries are available as standards. Other geometries can be supplied upon request as specials
  • Designations - PICCO R/L...N
  • Clamping flat is on top of insert’s shank
  • The new inserts do not fit into the older type PICCO or MG PCO bars


PICCO …N style
  • Double-sided holders enable the mounting of 2 different insert shank sizes, one on each side
  • 2 cooling holes ensure sufficient coolant supply to the cutting zone
  • Designations - PICCO...N
  • 2 clamping screws are located on top of the to provide an additional clamping option, especially on table
    machines where tools are assembled horizontally

PICCO ACE …N style
  • User-friendly mechanism with no falling parts
  • Fast insert indexing
  • Improved coolant supply directed to the cutting zone
  • Clamping orientation flexibility enables the operator to mount/dismount the insert from any desired orientation
  • Extremely high clamping repeatability of .0002”
  • Manual clamping can be used (without using a wrench) for most applications
  • Clamping with a standard SW15 wrench is required for back turning or high-pressure coolant applications
  • Designations PICCO ACE...N