P290 - 90° Shred Milling Tools

The P290 - 90° shred milling tools line is based on unique inserts with serrated cutting edges. These tools can also carry regular straight edged inserts for finishing cuts.

When the tools are used with the serrated edged P290 ACKT…-FW inserts, very small chips are produced. They are an ideal solution for machining very deep cavities, as the chips can easily be removed from the machining zone, consequently enabling very effective chatter dampening abilities even when positioned at very long overhang positions.

The serrations on the cutting edges of the P290 inserts are designed to provide an overlapping effect between all adjacent tool pockets, providing a fully effective cutter configuration.

Unlike other milling tools carrying inserts with serrated cutting edge inserts that can be found in the market, the P290 line does not require special mounting instructions:
P290 ACKT...PDR-FW inserts can be clamped in any pocket. This feature simplifies tool assembly and eliminates insert indexing errors that can cause tool destruction.

The inserts are available with various chipformers and edge preparations to enable optimal machining for a large variety of materials.
  • P290 ACKT…-FW – a general use geometry insert that can be used on a wide variety of materials, including titanium
  • P290 ACKT 1806PDR-FWE – a sharp edged insert, designed for long overhang applications or when machine power is limited
  • P290 ACCT…-HL – a regular, straight edged insert for finishing cuts
  • P290 ACCT…-TL – an insert with reinforced straight cutting edges, designed for rough and semi-finish milling
  • P290 ACKT 1806PDR-FWP – an insert with extra positive serrated cutting edges used on exotic materials
  • P290 ACKT 1806PDR-FWR – an insert designed for initial material removal prior to shoulder finish milling with corner radii up to 4 mm (0.16”); especially desirable for machining pockets in the aerospace industry

With the P290 shred milling tools you can achieve:
  • Excellent tool stability
  • Chips splitting into small segments
  • Optimal chip flow and easy evacuation even from deep cavities
  • High tooth load capability, significantly reducing machining time
  • Small cutting forces, thus requiring lower machining power

The P290 tools should be used at small ae (radial depth of cut) for best performance. All tools have coolant holes directed to each insert cutting edge.

Operation capability:
Diameter range:
  • Metric: 20-100 mm
  • Imperial: .75-4.0"

Insert size: 12 and 18 mm (0.472" and 0.708")

  • IC28
  • IC330
  • IC830
  • IC808
  • IC810
  • IC840

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