Interchangeable Solid Carbide T-SLOT Milling Heads for Slotting

The cutters consist of interchangeable solid carbide T-SLOT milling heads and cylindrical shanks assembled by means of a unique spline connection.
The spline connection is used to transmit the torque in the best way, ensuring very durable assembly to withstand considerable cutting forces during slot milling and bending forces caused by long reach overhang.
The spline connection designation is SP… where the no. indicates the connection size.
The general duty cutting geometry of the heads is suited for efficient slot milling on a wide spectrum of workpiece materials for maximum depth of cut.

Operation capability:

Diameter range:
No. of Flutes: 8
Insert width: 1 – 8.5 mm (0.046 – 0.25 ")
Insert max depth: 10 mm (0.393") with SP11 and 8 mm (0.315") with SP15.

Diameter range:
No. of Flutes: 10
Insert width: 1 – 10 mm (0.078– 0.375 ")
Insert max depth: 13 mm (0.51") with SP13 and 11 mm (0.43") with SP17.

Diameter range:
No. of Flutes: 12
Insert width: 4– 12 mm
Insert max depth: 15 mm with SP19.


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