Fast and Moderate Feed Milling Cutters
Carrying H600 WXCU 07…Insert

The H600 WXCU 070515… insert has an intermediate size between the H600 WXCU 0806… and the H600 WXCU 05T3… inserts. As the most popular tools in the FEEDMILL application market are the 50 mm diameter tools, featuring 1.5 mm depth of cut, the H600 WXCU 070515… insert was designed to provide advantageous performance for this commonly used application.
The H600 WXCU 070515… insert features a larger radius (1.5 mm) than the H600 WXCU 080612… (1.2 mm) insert. This is most important when machining next to wall shoulders.

The H600 WXCU 070515… insert enables a tool design featuring a higher tooth density than those carrying the H600 WXCU 0806… insert. For example, the 50 mm diameter tool carries 4 H600 WXCU 0806… inserts, while a tool with the same 50 mm diameter carries 5 H600 WXCU 070515… inserts and thus the new tool can run at higher table feeds. The screw clamping of the H600 WXCU 070515… insert is very secure, providing high durability (reliability) in milling (including ramping down) operations.

The H600 WXCU 080616RM... insert is designed for milling various hard-to-cut materials (for example, high wear-resistance steel HARDOX) and can be mounted on FF/MF standard FWX…-08 cutters.
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