JHP tools and cartridges

New Threading Tools with Coolant Channels

ISCAR is expanding the range of laydown square shank tools by adding SER/L-JHP tools with channels for high pressure coolant

JHP Tools with Coolant Channels for High Pressure Coolant
The use of high pressure coolant is growing as manufacturers are looking for ways to reduce cutting time, improve machining process reliability and achieve longer tool life. ISCAR’s new JHP tools provide all of these advantages.
Shorter chips are easily managed, they do not tangle around the work piece or machine parts and, therefore, there is no need to stop the process frequently. With conventional cooling, the chips usually prevent the coolant from reaching the insert rake face in the cutting zone. The coolant stream of the JHP tools is directed precisely between the insert rake face and the flowing chips. This results in longer tool life and a much more reliable process.

New TTADR/L-JHP threading adapters with high pressure coolant channels carrying TTG DECAIQTHREAD 10 cornered inserts

Following the growing demand for JHP tools, ISCAR is adding new threading adapters with high pressure coolant channels carrying DECAIQTHREAD Inserts.

The adapters should be used with standard MODULAR-GRIP MAH…- JHP holders.

    JHP Tool Advantages
  • Reduces temperature at the cutting zone
  • Improves surface finish and insert tool life
  • High-pressure coolant reduces or even eliminates built-up edge phenomenon, especially when machining stainless steel and high-temperature alloys
  • Improved chip breaking results on all materials

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