A Key to Increase Profitability in Square Shoulder and Face Milling

NEODO is a family of 90° indexable milling cutters intended for roughing, semi-finishing, and shoulder milling, specifically for steel and cast-iron. These versatile cutters mount cost-effective square double-sided inserts with 8 cutting edges.

The advanced NEODO design combines a strong insert structure, a durable cutter body, secure mounting, and advanced carbide grades. This innovative solution enables face and shoulder milling, while providing an additional option for milling close to shoulders where there are workpiece or work holding fixture constraints.

  • 90° cutting edge angle.
  • Extremely rigid insert clamping due to the dovetail profile of the insert pocket.
  • Strong and durable inserts with 8 helical cutting edges.
  • A specially shaped insert rake face for smooth cutting action, reducing cutting forces and power consumption during machining.
  • A wide insert wiper flat for improving surface finish.
  • Higher tooth density for improved productivity.
  • Coarse and fine pitch configurations of the cutters.

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